Here, you will find some photos of an abandoned residential area in Evreux. This area was built In the 50's to accommodate the American pilots of the United States Air Forces in Europe, who were assigned to the Évreux-Fauville Air Base until 1967. This is why the layout of this area is not common in Europe. But since the departure of the Americans this area was slowly abandoned because of a lack of interest from the mayors of Evreux. Today, it remains 7 inhabitants out of 170 houses. The current mayor wants to destroy everything and rebuild a new residential area even if these houses are in good condition...


Street Art 1.

1 out of 7.


Street Art 2.

Hello Sir ?.

Flower power.

1 out of 7.

Street Art 3.

Through the windows.

Empty street.

Abandoned 1.

Abandoned 2.

Snow X mailbox.


Abandoned mailbox.


Electrical sky.

Empty street 1.

Empty street 2.

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